For over 30 years, Woods Hole Research Center has been helping the world understand the causes and impacts of climate change. Right now, climate science is under renewed attack by politicians who question its validity.

No political event can change the fundamental facts of climate change: humanity needs to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we need to use land management and other approaches to pull carbon out of the atmosphere. These are areas in which WHRC works, and you can read more about our strategy for making progress on climate change.

Scientific research is critically needed to find solutions, and to inform climate policy. We are running out of time to prevent the worst effects of climate change, and if the U.S. government is going to step backwards, then we all need to step forward.

We need you to take a stand for climate science.

  • Host a gathering at your home or social club to share the facts of climate change with your friends and neighbors. WHRC can provide a copy of a popular documentary about climate change and if possible, we will send a scientist to speak to your group.
  • Become a Climate Ambassador. We need advocates across the United States to sign letters and tell elected officials to support and protect climate change research.

Thoughts? Questions? Ideas? Contact Alison Smart, WHRC Chief Development Officer, by emailing asmart@whrc.org or calling 508-444-1545.